Fire Down Under is the third album by New York City heavy metal band Riot, released in 1981, and the last with original vocalist Guy Speranza.[2] The song "Flashbacks" is dedicated toNeal Kay, the British DJ who supported heavy metal in the UK during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.[3]

The album was re-issued on CD in 1997 by the German-based High Vaultage label, utilizing a new, controversial remix by former Riot producer Steve Loeb, and in 1999 by Metal Blade Records in the U.S., this time featuring the original Elektra mix. Both versions contain various bonus tracks recorded for the original Capitol Records version of Fire Down Under which the band were unhappy with. Capitol dropped the band for being "too heavy" after hearing the final version subsequently released by Elektra Records.


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Track listing[edit]Edit

Side one
  1. "Swords and Tequila" (Guy SperanzaMark Reale) - 3:15
  2. "Fire Down Under" (Speranza, Kip Leming) - 2:34
  3. "Feel the Same" (Rick Ventura) - 4:30
  4. "Outlaw" (Speranza, Reale) - 4:50
  5. "Don't Bring Me Down" (Speranza, Reale, Leming, Ventura, Sandy Slavin) - 2:57
Side two
  1. "Don't Hold Back" (Speranza, Reale) - 3:15
  2. "Altar of the King" (Speranza, Reale) - 4:46
  3. "No Lies" (Ventura) - 4:10
  4. "Run for Your Life" (Speranza, Reale) - 3:16
  5. "Flashbacks" (Speranza, Reale, Leming, Ventura, Slavin) - 4:02

1997 CD edition bonus tracks[edit]Edit

  1. "Struck by Lightning" (Speranza, Reale) - 3:39
  2. "Misty Morning Rain" (Speranza) - 3:09
  3. "You're All I Needed Tonight" (Speranza, Ventura) - 2:59
  4. "One Step Closer" (Ventura) - 2:12
  5. "Hot Life" (Ventura) - 0:25

1999 CD edition bonus tracks[edit]Edit

  1. "Misty Morning Rain" - 3:09
  2. "You're All I Needed Tonight" - 2:59


Band members[edit]Edit


Cover versions and appearances[edit]Edit

  • The song "Swords and Tequila" is featured in the video game Brütal Legend.
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