"Fox on the Run" is a popular glam rock song by the British band Sweet, first recorded in 1974. It was unusual for a Sweet single, being written by the band rather than producers Chinn & Chapman. It was their 14th single and in 1975 reached number 2 on the British single list, 5 in the US, 1 in Australia, 1 in Germany, 1 in Denmark, 2 in Canada, 2 in the Netherland, 2 inNorway, 3 in Austria, 3 in New Zealand and 10 in Finland and Sweden. The lyrics of the song are about groupies and use the typical slang of the time, in which sexy women were known as 'foxes'.[citation needed][original research?]

Two versions were recorded by Sweet. The original version was produced by Mike Chapman in association with Nicky Chinn on the European version of the 1974 album Desolation Boulevard. Sweet also recorded and produced a more pop-oriented version as a 7" single in 1975, which is the more familiar version of the song. The 1975 single version was included on the North American version of Desolation Boulevard.

The song's been used many times in movies like Dazed And ConfusedDetroit Rock CityWhen in Rome and Catch .44.

Scorpions version[edit]Edit

"Fuchs geh' voran"
Single by The Hunters
Released 1975
Format 7" vinyl
Genre Hard rock
Length 3:17

"Fuchs geh' voran" is a German cover version of the song. It was released as a single in 1975 by the German rock band Scorpions as The Hunters. The B-side also features a German cover version of a Sweet song: "Action" as "Wenn es richtig losgeht".

Other notable recordings[edit]Edit

Many artists and groups have covered this song, including Eric Singer (Kiss), GirlschoolRed Hot Chili PeppersYou Am IMad MaxDeadsyFrankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13,Ace Frehley (Kiss), Make-UpThe Academy Is..., Sha-Boom, The Lolas, Touch of Joy, The Infamous Unknowns, 1rko, Major Healey, Southpaw, We want more, Andries Botha, Monkeys, Fenders, Over Head, Twilight Trio, The Chalets, Done Again, Lobster, Dog Days Revolution, Argema, Klaus Wunderlich, Neumann, Sweet Savage, and Nip Drivers for the Desperate Teenage Lovedolls soundtrack.

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