Give Me Everything is the third single by post-punk band Magazine, released on November 17, 1978 on Virgin Records and produced by Tony Wilson.[1]

This is the first recording of Magazine, which featured drummer John Doyle, from a Manchester pub rock band called Idiot Rouge, whose last concert was attended by Magazine's guitaristJohn McGeoch, who asked him to audition for the group. Doyle replaced Paul Spencer, who replaced Martin Jackson after his departure in July 1978, following a tour across Britain. He is the most remaining drummer since then, rejoining the band for their reunion in 2009.

This is a non-album single, but its songs were included as bonus tracks on the 2007 reissued edition of Magazine's second album, Secondhand Daylight, which was the next album to release at the time of the single's introduction.


 [hide*1 Tracklist



  1. "Give Me Everything" (Howard Devoto) - 4:22


  1. "I Love You You Big Dummy" (Don Van Vliet) - 3:54


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