KSMB (Kurt-Sunes med Berit) was a Swedish punk rock band from 1977 to 1982. The young band members grew up and lived in the working-class suburbSkärholmen outside Stockholm.

History[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Johan Johansson, Mats Nilsson and Pekka Kangas had a band called "Ingenting" (Swedish for "nothing"). Their first and only gig was at Österholmsskolan in Skärholmen. The autumn -77 most of the band members went to Skärholmens Gymnasium and if you worked with a project, you wouldn't have to go to all the lessons, like a band. "Skärholmens Gymnasiums Punkensemble" was started and due to that a lot of people didn't want to go to the lessons, the band got a lot of members. After a chaotic gig in the aula in Skärholmens Gymnasium with 15 band members, of which 5 were singers, the project "Skärholmens Gymnasiums Punkensemble" was over, but the singers Steppan and Alonzo, drummer Johan Johansson and bassist Matte Nilsson liked playing in a band and the became the only constant members of "KSMB". Now also a new band name was taken, "Kurt-Sunes med Berit".

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