Living Eyes was the second studio album released by SydneyAustralia punk-rock band Radio Birdman. It was the last recorded album by the band and they split up shortly after it was recorded in 1978. This delayed the album's release until 1981. Radio Birdman re-formed in 2006 to record the album Zeno Beach, and for an Australian tour featuring both classic Birdman tracks and new songs. Living Eyes sound was heavily influenced by the lead guitarist and producer Deniz Tek who had lived in Detroit before moving to Australia and been influenced musically by the "Motor City Rock" sound. The music of Birdman has been compared to that of The Stooges and MC5, but their sound is also comparable to that of 60's rock 'n' roll bands such as The Rolling Stones.


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Track listing[edit]Edit

1981 original[edit]Edit

  1. "More Fun"
  2. "TPBR Combo"
  3. "455 SD"
  4. "Do The Movin' Change"
  5. "I-94"
  6. "Iskender Time"
  7. "Burn My Eye '78"
  8. "Time To Fall"
  9. "Smith and Wesson Blues"
  10. "Crying Sun"
  11. "Breaks My Heart"
  12. "Alone In The Endzone"
  13. "Hanging On"

2005 remastered reissue[edit]Edit

  1. "Hanging On"
  2. "455 SD"
  3. "Do The Movin' Change"
  4. "TPBR Combo"
  5. "I-94"
  6. "Iskender Time"
  7. "Burn My Eye '78"
  8. "Alien Skies"
  9. "Time To Fall"
  10. "Smith and Wesson Blues"
  11. "Crying Sun"
  12. "If I Wanted To"
  13. "Breaks My Heart"
  14. "More Fun"
  15. "Alone In The Endzone"
  16. "Didn't tell The Man"
  17. "Dark Surprise"


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