Modern Eon was a British post-punk/New Wave band, formed in LiverpoolEngland in 1978. They released one album on the independent UK label Dindisc in 1981.

History[edit source | editbeta]Edit

The band was formed by founding members Alix Plain (real name Alex Johnson) (guitars/vocals) and Danny Hampson (bass/backing vocals), originally called Luglo Slugs.[2] After two more name changes, the band decided on the name Modern Eon and released their first record in late 1978 on the compilation album Street to Street: A Liverpool Album, along with Ged Allen (guitars/backing vocals), and Joey McKechnie (drums). After one self-released single, "Pieces" on Eon Records in 1979, they recorded the single "Euthenics" for Inevitable Records in 1980.[2] Prior to the recording of their debut album, Allen and McKechnie left the band in 1980, and was replaced by Bob Wakelin (strings/vocals/percussion) and Tim Lever (guitars/saxophone), with Cliff Hewitt (drums) joining shortly thereafter.[3] In early 1981 a re-recorded version of "Euthenics" was released on Dindisc followed by two more singles "Child's Play" and "Mechanic", and to much critical acclaim,[4][5] their debut album Fiction Tales was released in mid 1981. After a tour was arranged that year, drummer Hewitt critically injured his wrist, leading them to go on tour using Hewitt's drum playing on a tape machine. By the end of 1981, while the band were working on demos for a second album, Modern Eon dissolved, never to release the follow-up album.[6][7]

Discography[8][9][edit source | editbeta]Edit

Albums[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Singles[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • 1979: "Pieces"
  • 1980: "Euthenics" (Inevitable)
  • 1981: "Euthenics" (Dindisc)
  • 1981: "Child's Play"
  • 1981: "Mechanic"
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