"My Baby" was a 1980 single from Australian rock band Cold Chisel, the third released from the album East and the first of the band's singles not to be written by organist Don Walker. This was the only track credited solely to bass player Phil Small on any of the band's albums apart from "Notion For You" on the 1994 rarities album Teenage Love (Small co-wrote "The Game" from Twentieth Century with Walker).

The song proved to be one of the band's most popular, featuring a clearly defined pop sound quite different from Cold Chisel's more usual hard-edged rock. Guitarist Ian Moss provides lead vocals and Joe Camilleri of Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons contributed a saxophone solo. While "My Baby" was the third single released from East in Australia, in the U.S. it was the first. It was the only Cold Chisel single to chart in America, reaching 32 on the Mainstream Rock chart.[2] It spent 14 weeks in the Australian charts, peaking at number 40.[3]

Author Phil Small said, "I was in the bathroom at Paradise Studios when the idea came to me. Luckily, being in the studio, we were able to whack the idea down on tape pretty much straight away. Everyone seems to think it's written about Christine, my wife; maybe subconsciously it is."[4] Moss adds, "It was all in Phil's head; we just needed to get it down. He didn't even know the chords - he just played it on the bass and I picked it up from there." Walker said, "Between learning the song and having the finished record might have been a couple of hours work."[4]

On the 2007 tribute album Standing on the Outside: The Songs of Cold Chisel, "My Baby" was covered by Thirsty Merc.

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