"Out in the Street" is the opening track of English rock band The Who's debut album My Generation. While the album was being recorded, the song was titled "You're Gonna Know Me". It was also the B-side of the title track of the aforementioned album in the US. The song begins with Pete playing with the pickup while playing the chords F-Eb5-Bb, similar to The Who's second single, "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere". During the entire song, Pete's guitar is tuned down a full step.

In the liner notes of the "My Generation" album reissue, Pete was quoted to have said, "This was going to be a single. I hate that 'no, no, no' bit. It was originally 'show me, show me' but Kit Lambert thought it wasn't very good. He wrote all the new lyrics. I'm not going to take the blame for any of them. It sounds all cut about and edited."[3] While the song itself was never a single in the UK or the US, it appeared on countless EPs throughout Europe and Australia and was even a single A-side in Greece and Japan in 1966.

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