She Bangs the Drums" was the second single from The Stone Rosesdebut album. It was released in the UKJapan, and Germany. The single was their first Top 40 hit, peaking at #36 on the UK Singles Chart in July 1989. A reissue in March 1990 improved by two places.

The single used a noticeably different mix of "She Bangs the Drums" to the album version. The hi-hat intro was omitted, and it featured a slightly heavier guitar sound and a marginally different backing vocal arrangement. This single version is the one most commonly used for compilations and radio play.

The CD and cassette singles were noted for their strong selection of B-sides: "Standing Here", "Mersey Paradise", and the backward playing track "Simone". It is noted for its fusion of theindie rock and acid house genres. Ian Brown wrote the verse lyrics, while John Squire was responsible for the chorus.

In May 2007, NME magazine placed "She Bangs the Drums" at number 12 in its list of the 50 Greatest Indie Anthems Ever.

Two music videos were produced for "She Bangs the Drums". The first video showed the band recording in a studio in January 1989. The band is shown goofing around in slow motion, with Squire's artwork in the background. The second music video featured clips from the Roses' classic gig at Blackpool Empress Ballroom on 12 August 1989. This second video is more often played now than the original on TV.

John: "'She Bangs the Drums' is about those brief moments when everything comes together. Like staying up till dawn and watching the sun rise with somebody you love. And then regretting it bitterly."[citation needed] Overall, as one critic puts it, "'She Bangs the Drums' embodies a spirit of newness and affirmation, a Motown-esque hymn to youth and the future."[1]


 [hide*1 Track listing

Track listing[edit]Edit

7": [Silvertone ORE 6]

  1. "She Bangs the Drums" – 3:43
  2. "Standing Here" – 5:05

12": [Silvertone ORE T 6]

  1. "She Bangs the Drums" – 3:43
  2. "Mersey Paradise" – 2:44
  3. "Standing Here" – 5:05

CD: [Silvertone ORE CD 6] and CS: [Silvertone ORE C 6]

  1. "She Bangs the Drums" – 3:43
  2. "Mersey Paradise" – 2:44
  3. "Standing Here" – 5:05
  4. "Simone" – 4:24

Use in other media[edit]Edit

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock features this song as a playable bonus song. However, unlike bonus songs in other Guitar Hero games, it is featured as a cover version instead of the master recording.

The song is also featured in the karaoke game SingStar for the PlayStation 3.

The Song was used in Forza Horizon


  • Ian Brown – vocals
  • John Squire – guitars and backing vocals
  • Mani – bass guitar
  • Reni – drums, piano and backing vocals
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