"Somethin' Else" is a song by the rockabilly musician Eddie Cochran, co-written by his girlfriend, Sharon Sheeley, and his older brother, Bob Cochran, released in 1959. The first-person lyrics describe how Cochran wants a convertible he can't afford and a girl who he fears will not go out with him. But in the end, by saving money, he is able to buy a slightly older car, and works up the confidence to ask the girl out. The song was written on the back of a match book. Veteran studio drummer Earl Palmer played the same drum beat on "Somethin' Else" as Charles Connor did on Little Richard's "Keep A-Knockin'". But Eddie Cochran was unaware that Sheeley wanted to duplicate the drum sound of the Little Richard recording.The song peaked at #22 on the UK singles chart but only reached #58 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.


Cover versionsEdit

Led Zeppelin versionEdit

"Somethin' Else"
Song by Led Zeppelin from the albumBBC Sessions
Released 11 November 1997
Recorded 16 June 1969
Genre Hard rockheavy metalblues rock
Length 2:06
Label Atlantic
Writer Sharon Sheeley, Bob Cochran
Producer Paul Williams, Jimmy Page
BBC Sessions track listing
"Whole Lotta Love"


"Somethin' Else"


"Communication Breakdown"


Led Zeppelin recorded its version of "Somethin' Else" in June 1969. It was ultimately released on their 1997 album, BBC Sessions and their 2003 Led Zeppelin DVD.

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The song has been covered by numerous bands and artists, such as

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