"The Boys Are Back in Town" is a single from Irish hard rock band Thin Lizzy. The song was originally released in 1976 on their album Jailbreak.


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It was given 499th position among the 2004 Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, though it was not included in the 2010 update.[1] Rolling Stone praised lead singer Phil Lynott's "Gaelic soul" and called the "twin-guitar lead by Scott Gorham and Brian Robertson" used "crucial to the song's success".[2] The song is played at most Irish Rugby matches.[3] In March 2005, Q magazine placed "The Boys Are Back in Town" at No. 38 in its list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks.[4]


Single UK US IRL
"The Boys Are Back in Town" (1976) 8[3] 12[2] 1[3]
"The Boys Are Back in Town" (1991 reissue) 63[5] 16[6]

Single release information[edit]Edit

The original 1976 UK single release featured album track "Emerald" as a B-side, although in some territories "Jailbreak" was chosen. The single was remixed and re-released in several formats in March 1991, after the success of the "Dedication" single, reaching No. 63 in the UK.[5] The 12" EP featured the extra tracks "Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed", "Black Boys on the Corner" and a live version of "Me and the Boys". There are many theories regarding the inspiration behind "The Boys Are Back in Town", but none has been verified.[7]

Cover versions[edit]Edit

Appearances in other media[edit]Edit

  • It was used in the trailer for the 1995 Disney/Pixar movie Toy Story and its two sequels.
  • It was used in promos for The Amazing Race: All-Stars and again for The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business on CBS.
  • Was used in a special episode of the ABC reality show Wife Swap in which husbands traded places.
  • It is heard in a 2012 TV commercial for Chase's Sapphire credit card.
  • It is heard in Sylvester Stallone and David Callaham movie The Expendables in the credits scene.
  • It is heard & sung by the cast of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" in the Second episode of the Sixth season.
  • At the 2012 Republican National Convention the song was used to introduce Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan on stage. This caused controversy as the use was unauthorised, and both Lynott's mother, Philomena Lynott, andThin Lizzy lead guitarist Scott Gorham criticised its use, citing that Lynott would have objected to Mitt Romney's anti-gay and pro-rich policies[8] and would never have used his music to endorse politicians. [9]
  • It is featured on the soundtrack for the 2013 video game Saints Row IV, and can be heard on the in-game radio station The Mix 107.77.
  • The song played at the London 2012 Olympics, after the final of the Men's Team Sprint.
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