The Outlaws were an English instrumental band that recorded in the early 1960s.[1] One-time members included Chas Hodges (born Charles Nicholas Hodges in 1943), Bobby Graham (born Robert Francis Neate in 1940), Ken LundgrenRitchie Blackmore (born Richard Hugh Blackmore in 1945), Mick Underwood (born Michael John Underwood, 1945), Reg Hawkins (born Reginald Hawkins, in 1942), Billy Kuy (born William John Kuy Jnr., 1943) and others.[1]

Their name was originally conceived by Joe Meek (born Robert George Meek in 1929), who needed a backing group for Mike Berry's "Set Me Free" in 1960.[1] After that recording, they continued being one of the house bands of his recording studio at 304 Holloway Road, London. As such, they were used for recordings, demos and auditions. Many of their songs were writtenby Meek and credited to his pseudonymRobert Duke. They appeared as themselves in the 1963 British filmLive It Up!.

In addition to featuring on three hit singles backing Mike Berry (born Michael Hubert Bourne in 1942), they also recorded singles in their own right, see discography below.[2]


 [hide*1 Discography



With the line-up : Billy Kuy, Bobby Graham, Chas Hodges, Reg Hawkins

  • "Swingin' Low" b/w "Spring is Near" (March 1961) - UK #46[2]
  • "Ambush" b/w "Indian Brave" (June 1961) - UK #43[2]
  • "Valley of the Sioux" b/w "Crazy Drums" (September 1961)

With the line-up : Ken Lundgren, Don Groom (born Donald Groom, 10 November 1939, WalthamstowEast London), Chas Hodges, Roger Mingaye (born in 1942)

  • "Ku-Pow!" b/w "Last Stage West" (February 1962)
  • "Sioux Serenade" b/w "Fort Knox" (September 1962)

With the line-up : Mick Underwood, Ken Lundgren, Chas Hodges, Ritchie Blackmore

  • "Poppin' Medley Part 1". b/w "Poppin' Medley Part 2". Released as The Chaps (January 1963) Parlophone R4979
  • "Return of The Outlaws" b/w "Texan Spiritual" (February 1963)
  • "That Set the Wild West Free" b/w "Hobo" (August 1963) (note: Underwood does not appear on "Hobo")
  • "The Bike Beat 1" b/w "The Bike Beat 2" as The Rally Rounders (1964) Lyntone LYN 574
  • "Law and Order" b/w "Do Da Day" (December 1963)
  • "Keep a Knockin'" b/w "Shake with Me" (April 1964)

With the line-up : Mick Underwood, Ken Lundgren, Chas Hodges, Harvey Hinsley

  • "Don't Cry" b/w "Only for You" (Thomas; Groom) (February 1965) [Note: United States only, vocal single, produced by Derek Lawrence. The b-side to this release features Mick Underwood, Nicky Hopkins, Chas Hodges, Ritchie Blackmore]


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