Tielman Brothers
Origin Dutch East Indies
Genres Rock & Roll
Years active 1947–1990
Labels Imperial RecordsAriolaNegram,DeltaGolden 12PhilipsEMI,KillroyDino
Associated acts EurasiaTielman ExpressAndy And His IndonesiansFranky And The TimebreakersJavalinsBlack Dynamites
Website Tielman Brothers
Past members Andy Tielman

Reggy Tielman Ponthon Tielman Loulou Tielman Jane Tielman Franky Luyten Alphonse Faverey Hans Bax Robby Latuperisa George de Fretes Benny Heynen Leo Masengi Maurice de la Croix Harry Koster Dolf De Vries Ilse Uchtmann Eddy Chatelin Frans Sahupala Harry Berg Erik "Ricky" Van Eldik Alex Van Haasen Robby Van Haasen Guus Van Haasen Sonja Bautz Francess Frans Vitalis Max Tahalele Wim Noya

The Tielman Brothers was the first Dutch East Indies (Dutch-Indo) band to successfully venture into the international music scene in the 1950s. They were one of the pioneers of rock and rollin The Netherlands, later becoming famous in Europe for playing a kind of rock and roll later called Indorock, a fusion of Indonesian and Western music with roots in Kroncong.


[3][4]Andy Tielman with Chris Latul in 2007 (and an image of Eddie van Halen).

The founders of the band are the children of Herman Tielman from Kupang and Flora Lorine Hess. Although not the first band, the Tielman Brothers were at the forefront of what was later called the Indorock scene.

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