To Mega Therion (meaning the great beast in Greek) is the second album by the Swiss extreme metal band Celtic Frost, released in October 1985.[1] The cover artwork is a painting by H. R. Giger entitled Satan I. The album was a major influence on the then-developing death metal and black metal genres.[2]


Ned Raggett in his review for Allmusic writes, "The bombastic 'Innocence and Wrath' starts To Mega Therion off on just the appropriate note -- Wagnerian horn lines, booming drums, and a slow crunch toward apocalypse. [...] With that setting the tone, it's into the maddeningly wild and woolly Celtic Frost universe full bore, Warrior roaring out his vocals with glee and a wicked smile while never resorting to self-parodic castrato wails. 'The Usurper' alone is worth the price of admission, an awesome display of Warrior's knack around brute power and unexpectedly memorable riffs." According to Raggett, "other prime cuts" include "Circle of the Tyrants", "Dawn of Megiddo", "Tears in a Prophet's Dream", "Eternal Summer" and "Necromantical Screams". Raggett concludes his review by stating that the album "is and remains death metal at its finest".[1]

Track listing[edit]Edit

All songs written by Tom Gabriel Fischer, except where noted.

No. Title Length
1. "Innocence and Wrath"   1:02
2. "The Usurper"   3:24
3. "Jewel Throne"   3:59
4. "Dawn of Meggido"   5:42
5. "Eternal Summer"   4:29
6. "Circle of the Tyrants"   4:36
7. "(Beyond the) North Winds"   3:04
8. "Fainted Eyes"   5:00
9. "Tears in a Prophet's Dream"   2:30
10. "Necromantical Screams"   6:06
11. "Return to the Eve" (Fischer, Martin Eric Ain) (bonus track on 1999's re-release, originally featured on the Tragic Serenades (1986) EP) 4:08


Band members[edit]Edit

Guest musicians[edit]Edit

  • Martin Eric Ain – bass (tracks 2 & 3 on 1999 re-release; songs originally from Tragic Serenades EP)
  • Wolf Bender – French horn (tracks 1, 4 & 10)
  • Claudia-Maria Mokri – additional vocals (tracks 2, 6 & 10)
  • Horst Müller – sound effects (track 9)
  • Urs Sprenger – sound effects (track 9)
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