"Velouria" is a song by the American alternative rock band Pixies, written and sung by the band's frontman Black Francis. "Velouria" is featured on their album Bossanova, was the firstsingle to be released from it and was the band's first UK Top 40 hit. The song features extensive use of theremin. It featured on the influential 1990 Madchester compilation album Happy Daze.

Black Francis re-recorded a version of "Velouria" with Keith Moliné and Andy Diagram for his 2004 album Frank Black Francis.

The song was covered by Weezer in the 1999 tribute album Where Is My Mind? A Tribute to the Pixies and by The Bad Plus in their 2004 album Give.


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As "Velouria" was climbing up the UK Top 40, the band was offered a spot on Top Of The Pops. However, a BBC rule stated that only singles with videos could be performed on the show. To counter this, a cheap video was made with the band being filmed running down a quarry.[1]

In the video, twenty-three seconds of footage (the time needed for the band members to reach the camera) is slowed in order to last for the duration of the song.[2] However, the effort in filming the video was in vain; Pixies did not play "Velouria" on Top of The Pops while the single was in the charts.[3]

Track listing[edit]Edit

All songs written by Black Francis, except where noted

  1. "Velouria" – 3:40
  2. "Make Believe" – 1:54
  3. "I've Been Waiting for You" (Neil Young) – 2:45
  4. "The Thing" – 1:58
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