...And You Will Know Us
by the Trail of Dead

Origin Austin, Texas
Genre Indie Rock
Sub-Genres Dream Pop
Alternative Pop/Rock
Years Active 1993 - Present
Labels Trance Syndicate
Merge Records
Interscope Records
Members Conrad Keely
Jason Reece
Kevin Allen
Danny Wood
Doni Schroader
David Langoria
Former Members Neil Busch


…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead is an indie rock band that was formed in 1994 by Jason Reece and Conrad Keely. The two met in Hawaii and later both moved to Olympia, Washington where several different bands took shape and fell such as Benedict Gehlan, Nancyville and Honeybucket. Also during this time period the queercore band the Mukilteo Fairies was started up by Reece, and although short lived, some of the songs are reaching cult status. It was only until the duo found themselves in Austin, Texas that ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead formed, with the conjunction and ellipsis being added shortly after being formed. It was also in Austin that both Kevin Allen and Neil Busch joined the band as Guitarist and Bassist respectively. After issuing a live cassette on the local Golden Hour label, the group already legendary in indie circles for their anarchic concert sets and their habit of smashing and wrecking their equipment at the end of shows much like the band The Who, released their self-titled full-length debut on Trance Syndicate in early 1998. After Trance Syndicate went under, Trail of Dead moved to Merge for their next release Madonna. Then it was on to Interscope for Source tags & Codes, which was critically acclaimed and made several top ten lists. Then came The Secret of Elena's Tomb, which was shocking to many with its more adventurous and experimental songs. In July 2004 it was announced that Neil Busch had left the band and Danny Wood had taken his place on bass. Second drummer/percussionist Doni Schroader also joined the band around this time. Afterward came Worlds Apart, which only garnered lackluster sales at best. Keyboardist David Longoria was added to the lineup soon afterwords, despite the fact that sales were bad enough on Worlds Apart to almost disband the group. However, they have recently found new inspiration and released So Divided in 2006. The name "…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead" is supposed to be from a Mayan ritual chant which some say also resembles an Egyptian chant. The name is also sometimes referred to as a joke and is mostly just another facet of the strangeness that is the band Trail of Dead.

  • …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead has the following taping and trading policy: The band appreciates taping as long as they get a copy of the show. Board access is no problem as long as they are consulted beforehand. Policy may be venue-dependent though.
  • On July 19, 2004 Trail of Dead gave their OK for inclusion in the Internet Archive.


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...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of DeadReleased: January 1998
  • Richter Scale Madness
  • Novena Without Faith
  • Fake Fake Eyes
  • Half of What
  • Gargoyle Waiting
  • Prince With a Thousand Enemies
  • Ounce of Prevention
  • When We Begin to Steal...


MadonnaReleased: October 1999
  • And You Will Know Them...
  • Mistakes & Regrets
  • Totally Natural
  • Blight Takes All
  • Clair de Lune
  • Flood of Red
  • Children of the Hydra's Teeth
  • Mark David Chapman
  • Up from Redemption
  • Aged Dolls
  • The Day the Air Turned Blue
  • A Perfect Teenhood
  • Sigh Your Children


Relative WaysReleased: November 2001
  • Relative Ways
  • Homage
  • Blood Rites
  • The Blade Runner


Source Tags & CodesReleased: Febuary 2002
  • It Was There That I Saw You
  • Another Morning Stoner
  • Baudelaire
  • Homage
  • How Near, How Far
  • Heart in the Hand of the Matter
  • Monsoon
  • Days of Being Wild
  • Relative Ways
  • After the Laughter
  • Source Tags and Codes

International Release contained these Bonus Tracks

  • Invocation
  • Life Is Elsewhere
  • Blood Rites


The Secret of Elena's TombReleased: April 2003
  • Mach Schau
  • All St. Day
  • Crowning of a Heart
  • Counting Off the Days
  • Intelligence


Worlds ApartReleased: January 2005
  • Ode to Isis
  • Will You Smile Again?
  • Worlds Apart
  • The Summer of '91
  • The Rest Will Follow
  • Caterwaul
  • A Classic Arts Showcase
  • Let It Dive
  • To Russia My Homeland
  • All White
  • The Best
  • The Lost City of Refuge

+ 2 Release contained these Bonus Tracks

  • Mach Schau
  • All Saints Day


So DividedReleased: November 2006
  • Intro: A Song of Fire and Wine
  • Stand in Silence
  • Wasted State of Mind
  • Naked Sun
  • Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory
  • So Divided
  • Life
  • Eight Days of Hell
  • Witch's Web
  • Segue: In The Realms Of The Unreal
  • Sunken Dreams



Mistakes & RegretsReleased: January 2000
  • Mistakes & Regrets
  • Half Of What
  • Electronic Bird Mating Ritual


Another Morning Stoner

Released: July 2002

  • Another Morning Stoner
  • Baudelaire
  • Richter Scale Madness


Worlds Apart

Released: October 2004

  • Worlds Apart
  • Back In New York City
  • The Porpoise Song

Other ReleasesEdit

  • Worlds Apart (Collectors Edition CD + DVD) - January 2005

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