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Adamcarson.jpg Adam Carson (born 5 February 1975) is the drummer for the band AFI. Adam, along with frontman Davey Havok, is one of the two original members left in the lineup.

Although Adam has been with AFI since day one, he also filled in as drummer for the band Tiger Army in 1996. The Tiger Army songs featuring Adam can be now found on Tiger Army's The Early Years EP. Nick 13 of Tiger Army once mentioned that Adam was a member of Influence 13 - a band formed by himself, Jade Puget (who joined AFI in 1998), Geoff Kresge (who left AFI in 1996), and two other friends. Nick also stated that "It was a weird lineup that never really took off".

He is vegetarian. Adam is a fan of baseball namely the San Francisco Giants and the San Diego Padres. Unlike two of his other bandmates, Adam doesn't follow the straight edge lifestyle and is a smoker.

While Adam is mostly known in the AFI fan base for his versatile drumming, he is also noticed for his love of pirates.Recently he has been over-associated with them, which he dislikes. He has been seen using a bass drum with the Jolly Roger printed on the front, though not recently.

Adam has been regarded by critics and musicians alike as the most technically talented member of AFI. He has been open regarding his dislike for the non-musical side of his career, namely photo-shoots, having been quoted as saying, "I'm a drummer, not a model."

He has several tattoos including one of a pirate ship that he shares with AFI bass player Hunter Burgan.


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