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Alternative rock backing instrumental 2019

A very nice sound of the alternative rock

Alternative rock (also called alternative music, alt-rock or simply alternative) is a musical genre that was born in the 1980s and that often uses music composed of sounds and non-traditional musical elements, sticking to the so-called underground culture ( that is to say, an anti-popular, anti-commercial genre and contrary to common and popular styles). It reached its highest maturity and popularity ratings in the 1990s, as well as all of the sub-genres that have emerged from it since then.

Alternative rock is an subgenre of rock music that has its origins and musical influences is having to have styles of musical genres as varied as punk rock, post-punk, new wave, country rock and folk punk.

In the 1980s, university radios in the United States began to spread alternative rock while commercial radio stations ignored these new groups. However, in the United Kingdom it was disclosed on BBC One by several disc jockeys, among which John Peel, famous throughout the world for his famous Peel Sessions, stands out especially. For this reason, some artists who were considered cult in the United States, obtained considerable success in the United Kingdom. In 1986, the nightly program 120 Minutes was born on the MTV television network, a space that would become the most popular showcase for alternative rock until its commercial explosion in the 1990s.

British post-punk music and British new wave music is realy the two music genres is played an very important roles in alternative rock. it was post punk bands like The Cure or Siouxsie And The Banshees that began to experiment and renew their post punk / new wave musical style until they reached what was serious about Alternative rock from the early 1980s. Although the Joy Division never came to be categorized as an alternative rock band, it could and did influence other bands that were already playing with post punk influences to evolve their music to alternative rock such as U2 and The Smiths coming These two bands achieve great sales while influencing a whole generation of bands.

Their use of the electric guitar in an era dominated by synthesizers, seen as the end of the New Wave in the United Kingdom, 21 managing to become a cult group in many other countries as well. After the dissolution of the Smiths in 1987, their singer Morrissey experienced his solo career as influential as that developed with his former group, at the same time that other groups such as The Housemartins, James (band) and The Wedding Present influenced the same style The Smiths A song from The Wedding Present was featured on the famous C86 cassette released by the New Musical Express.


Have a Good Time (A best alternative rock song of 2000s)

Have a Good Time, is really one of the best alternative rock songs

Although most of the alternative artists of the 1980s did not make big sales of their records, they exerted considerable influence on the musicians who grew up in this decade and laid the foundation for their subsequent massive success.19 The commercial success of Depeche's album Violator Mode, released in 1990, led many alternative rock groups (although "Depeche Mode" is not an alternative band) to enter the mainstream, garnering great sales as well as good reviews from the specialized press. However, many of these artists rejected success for contradicting the do-it-yourself ethic and the idea of ​​artistic authenticity they had always believed in before gaining popularity.20 After most of these groups disbanded or withdrew Voluntarily out of the spotlight, alternative rock ceased to be popular with mainstream audiences.

A best guitar of alternative rock and punk rock

Alternative began in the eighties with bands like REM and U2 providing underground rock among the mainstream New Wave and Synthpop artists. The popularity of MTV skyrocketed the genre's popularity.

During the nineties, alternative began to break into the mainstream, becoming more pop-oriented. Bands like the pop punk band Green Day and Barenaked Ladies helped continue its popularity.

When comparing "classic rock" or alternative rock with its sub-genres, clear differences appear. Britpop adds more melodic, less depressing sounds, mixed with pop rock, which also gave it the great variety it had in the 90s; 12 grunge is much more guitar focused, with clear influences from punk rock/folk punk and country music/folk music; 13 shoegazing is an extremely focused variation on the atmosphere and is strongly influenced by neopsychedelia. 14 With one of the subgenres that has the greatest differences is with indie rock, since in terms of sound, they are almost opposite. In reality, the paternity of alternative rock towards indie rock is associated with the fact that it first opened the doors for the birth of various independent music movements.