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American Football is an American emo band from Urbana, Illinois. American Football was formed in the fallout of American emo act Cap'n Jazz. Cap'n Jazz drummer/vocalist Mike Kinsella and Steve Lamos; a friend of Mike from an early age, teamed up with David Johnson and Allen Johnson and played under the name of "The One Up Downstairs" with releasing a 7" on Polyvinyl records. However the band split before the record was pressed. It was eventually released in 2009 by Polyvinyl Records.

David Johnson and Allen Johnson went onto form another band while Kinsella and Lamos started to work with Steve Holmes to write new music. The band released the EP - A Titular in 1998 and there Self Titled LP in 1999.

Shortly after the release of the American Football LP, the group decided to stop recording music together.

In 2014, Polyvinyl Records re released the American Football LP thus leading to a reunion.


American Football has had huge impact on the emo genre. The inclusion of math rock into American Footballs style has led to the inclusion of the odd time signatures throughout the entire emo genre.

Lead singer Mike Kinsella has also been credited in founding the sub genre of emo named "twinkly".


  • Mike Kinsella - Vocals/Guitar/Bass
  • Steve Holmes - Guitar/Wurlitzer
  • Steve Lamos - Drums/Percussion/Trumpet
  • Nate Kinsella - Bass