Angel Witch is a British heavy metal band which formed in LondonEngland in 1977 as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement.

Biography[edit source | editbeta]Edit

The band was formed, originally under the name of Lucifer, and was initially composed of guitarist and vocalist Kevin Heybourne, guitarist Rob Downing, drummer Steve Jones, and bassist Barry Clements.[1] Lucifer split and Steve Jones joined up with Bruce Dickinson to form Speed. The remnants of Lucifer became Angel Witch, with the exceptions of Barry, who was replaced by Kevin Riddles, and Steve Jones, who was replaced by Dave Hogg. The following year Rob Downing left the band.

Angel Witch's first song to achieve mainstream popularity was "Baphomet", which was included on a compilation titled Metal for Muthas. This song drew a fair amount of attention to the band, and they eventually signed a recording deal with EMI. However, the deal was soon canceled, due to Manager Ken Heybourne refusing to hand Angel Witch over to professional management, and bad performance of their first single released under the EMI label, which was entitled Sweet Danger and lasted a single week on British top charts.

In 1980, Bronze Records picked up the band and they soon proceeded to record and release their debut album, self-titled Angel Witch. This album is considered one of the most notable from the NWOBHM, but subsequent to the album's release, the band's structure began to fall apart. The sacking of Dave Hogg, and Kevin Riddles leaving the band to join Tytan, and despite Heybourne's attempts to continue Angel Witch with other musicians, the end of the band was declared and he joined Deep Machine.

Angel Witch was brought back to activity on 1982, when Heybourne and two musicians from Deep Machine - namely vocalist Roger Marsden and drummer Ricky Bruce - left to assemble a new Angel Witch line-up together with bassist Jerry Cunningham. This line-up lasted a very short time, as Marsden's voice did not fit the style of the band very well. He was fired from the band and Heybourne assumed the vocals once more.

By 1983 the band had ceased its activities, and Heybourne moved to Blind Fury. In 1984, Angel Witch was once more brought to life, this time with the help of bassist Peter Gordelier, singer Dave Tattum and with Dave Hogg returning to the drums. This line-up recorded the album Screamin' N' Bleedin'. Dave Hogg was sacked yet again, but not without many snide remarks from the band's fans. He was replaced by Spencer Hollman. With the new drummer they recorded Frontal Assault, which deviated heavily from Angel Witch's previous albums, having many melodic elements.

Dave Tattum was sacked the same year and for a few years Angel Witch played as a trio on sporadic live performances. In 1989, they recorded a new live album, entitled simply Live.

Heybourne decided that it would be of the band's best interest to move to the USA, but the other members had no way of accomplishing that, having stable lives on their home country. Thus, an American incarnation of Angel Witch was born. It was composed of Heybourne, bassist Jon Torres (from Lääz Rockit), drummer Tom Hunting and guitarist Doug Piercy. This line-up functioned quite well, and soon the band had booked a fair amount of shows throughout the USA. However, it was found that Heybourne had some pending issues regarding immigration, and he was arrested one day before the first concert of the band. Without Heybourne, Angel Witch was soon dissolved.

After the release of the Resurrection compilation in 2000, the band intended to play together once more, but after a series of internal conflicts, Heybourne assembled yet another line-up, with new members.

They were on the bill for the traditional Orange Goblin Christmas show at The Camden Underworld, London, on Saturday 20 December 2008.

In 2009 their eponymous song "Angel Witch" was featured on the soundtrack of the action-adventure videogame, Brütal Legend.

In 2011 Angel Witch entered in the studio to record their fourth full-length studio album, entitled "As Above, So Below". It was recorded with Kevin Heybourne in guitar and vocals, Will Palmer on the bass guitar, Bill Steer on the guitar, and Andrew Prestidge on the drums. They also returned to playing live, with a second stage headline slot at Bloodstock Open Air in 2011.[2]

Discography[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Studio Albums[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Live albums[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • Angel Witch Live (1990)
  • 2000: Live at the LA2 (2000)
  • Angel of Death: Live at East Anglia Rock Festival (2006)
  • Burn the White Witch - Live in London (2009)

Compilations[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • Doctor Phibes (1986)
  • Screamin' Assault (1988)
  • '82 Revisited (1997)
  • Resurrection (1998)
  • Sinister History (1999)

Extended plays & singles[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • Angel Witch [single] (1980)
  • Sweet Danger [single] (1980)
  • Sweet Danger [EP] (1980)
  • Loser [single] (1981)
  • Goodbye [single] (1985)
  • They Wouldn't Dare [EP] (2004)

Demos[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • Demo 1 (1979)
  • Demo 2 AKA Give It Some Tickle (1981)
  • Demo 3 (1983)
  • Psychopathic (1987)
  • Twist of the Knife (1990)
  • Resurrection (1998)

The demos PsychopathicTwist of the Knife & Resurrection were later put together on the 1998 compilation also called Resurrection.

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