Berlin Blondes was an early Glasgow synthpop band, who formed in 1978[1] and released a major-label album in 1980. Members went on to Altered Images andEndgames.

The original lineup was Steven Bonomi (vocals), Robert Farrell (guitar, synth), David Rudden (bass) and Jim Spender (keyboards), with a drum machine. The band signed to EMI in 1980. Before the album's release, Rudden left and was replaced by Nick Clark from Cuban Heels (Clark is credited on the album,[2] though Rudden played.[1]), and Spender left to join Altered Images.

Late in 1980 the singles and the album Berlin Blondes were released. The album and singles sold badly and the band was dropped from the label. Trouser Pressdescribed it as "undistinguished, danceable hybrid synth/bass/drums clichés, occasionally adding colorful Sparks-like vocals for character."[3]

The band then added a drummer, Brian,[4] and released a single, "Marseille"/"The Poet", on independent label Scratch Records in 1981.

Discography[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • Science / Mannequin (7", EMI EMI-5031, 1980)[5]
  • Framework / Zero Song (Instrumental Mix) (7", EMI EMI-5147, 1980; 12", EMI 12-EMI-5147, 1980)[6][7]
  • Berlin Blondes (LP, EMI EMC-3346, September 1980[4])[2]
    • Framework / Astro / Science / Romance / Trail To Istanbul // Secret Days / Mannequinn / Neon Probe / Zero Song
  • Marseille / The Poet (7", Scratch Records SCR-005, 1981)
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