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"Boys Don't Cry" was the second single to be released by The Cure, released in June 1979. It was released in the UK as a stand-alone single, and was included as the title track on Boys Don't Cry, the American equivalent to Three Imaginary Boys.


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Written by Michael DempseyRobert Smith, and Lol Tolhurst, the lyrics tells the story of a man who has given up trying to regain the love of a woman that he has lost, and tries to disguise his true emotional state by "laughing, hiding the tears in [his] eyes, 'cause boys don't cry".

In July 1983 it was re-released under the title "New Voice · New Mix", in which the original track was remixed and the vocals re-recorded. The new version has not appeared on any subsequent release by The Cure, but can be heard in the music video for "Boys Don't Cry". It was released to promote Standing on a Beach; however, the original version of the song appears on the album.

Music video[edit][]

The video, released in July 28, 1983 to the promote the "New Voice New Mix" re-recording, features three children miming the song. Behind a curtain, Smith, Tolhurst, and Dempsey (in his only appearance with the band since his 1979 departure), appear as the children's shadows and it also has the historical stock footages of Nuremberg Rally, the funeral of Freddie's former singing idol Oum Kalthoum and battle footages from World War II and Gulf War, Stalingrad, Hungarian folk dancing, Flamenco dancing, Séville Virgin Mary parade, Locusts, Muslims praying in Mecca, Camp David Accords, Iranian Revolution, Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Track listing[edit][]

1979 release[edit][]

7" single

  1. "Boys Don't Cry" - 2:34
  2. "Plastic Passion" - 2:15

1983 re-release[edit][]

7" single - Polydor - 883 937-7 (FR)

  1. "Boys Don't Cry (New Voice · New Mix)" - 2:38
  2. "Pill Box Tales" - 2:54

12" single

  1. "Boys Don't Cry (New Voice · Club Mix)" - 5:31
  2. "Pill Box Tales" - 2:56
  3. "Do the Hansa" - 2:40


Other versions[edit][]

Use in film[edit][]

The song has appeared in:

Chart positions[edit][]

Chart (1979)
Australian ARIA Singles Chart 99
UK Singles Chart 2

"Boys Don't Cry (New Voice · New Mix)"[edit][]

Chart (1983) Peak


German Singles Chart 19
UK Singles Chart 3
Australian ARIA Singles Chart 26
French Singles Chart 28
Dutch Top 40 Singles Chart 37
Spain (AFYVE)[1] 31