Family Fodder is a group of musicians revolving around songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer/producer, guitarist/keyboard Player Alig Fodder. Formed inLondon in the 1970s, it has had a sporadic existence ever since, disbanding in the 1980s then reforming. Their song "Dinosaur Sex" is considered a post-punk classic.[1] They released a 12-inch single for Small Wonder Records as Frank Sumatra And The Mob in 1979.[2] The band continues to record and perform through the first decade of the 21st century.

In 2010 Family Fodder released an albumClassical Music,[3] featuring the singing of Darlini, daughter of the original vocalist Dominique Levillain.[4]

Family Fodder have announced their next album, Variety for release on 29th July 2013.

Discography[edit source | editbeta]Edit

45 rpm, maxis, CD singles[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • Frank Sumatra And The MobTe Deum, Maxi 45rpm, Small Wonder Records, 1979
  • Playing Golf (With My Flesh Crawling), 45rpm, Parole Records, Fresh Records, 1979
  • Savoir Faire, 45rpm, Fresh Records, 1980 and Crammed Discs, 1980
  • Debbie Harrry, 45rpm, Fresh Records, 1980
  • Warm / Desire, 45rpm, Parole Records, Fresh Records, 1980
  • ScHiZoPhReNiA pArTy !, Maxi 45t, Fresh Records, 1981
  • Film Music, 45rpm, Fresh Records, 1981
  • The Big Dig, 45rpm, Fresh Records, 1982
  • Coral, 45rpm, Jungle Records, 1982
  • Professor Zoom (Alig=Johnny Human, Mick Hobbs, Sam Alexander, Rick Wilson, Graham Painting, Professor Zoom), Urban Menace/1965, Alligator Discs, 1994
  • Tender words, CD single, Dark beloved cloud, 2002
  • Alig FodderAlphabet Series Q, 45rpm, Tomlab, 2007
  • Singularity 1/Love Is Like A Goat, CD limited edition, The state51 Conspiracy Ltd, March 2011 * Singularity 2/Sitting In A Puddle, CD limited edition, The state51 Conspiracy Ltd, April 2011

Albums[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • Sunday Girls (A Tribute To Blondie By Family Fodder And Friends), Maxi 45rpm Mini-Album, Parole Records, Fresh Records, 1979
  • Monkey Banana Kitchen, 33rpm, Fresh Records, 1980
  • All Styles, 2x33rpm Jungle Records, 1983
  • The Lo Yo Yo (Steve Wright, Alig, Annie Hunt, Carrie Brooks, Mick Hobbs), id., Cassette-Album, Calypso Now, 1984
  • The Lo Yo YoExtra Weapons, 33rpm, Floppy Discs, 1985
  • Water Shed, CD, Dark Beloved Cloud, 2000
  • Idol FodderBäbytalk, CD Mini-Album, Slender Means Society, States Rights Records, 2008
  • DJ Katface / Kommissar Hjuler und Frau (John Pearce, Kommissar HjulerMama Baer), Pragmatix, 4 titles, 60 minutes, CDR 11 copies, Asylum Lunaticum (Germany) and Cassette-album, 88 copies, Nagranie Brutalnie Domowy (Poland), 2010
  • Classical Music, CD, Album, The state51 Conspiracy Ltd, 2010
  • Variety, CD, Album The state51 Conspiracy Ltd, 2013

Compilations, splits[edit source | editbeta]Edit

  • Greatest Hits, 33 rpm, Compañía Fonográfica Española, 1981 and Crammed Discs, 1981
  • The Lo Yo Yo / Look De Bouk - Double Dog Dare, Summer '84, Cassette-album, Calypso Now, 1984
  • Savoir Faire : The Best Of, CD, Jungle Records, 1998
  • More Great Hits!, 2xCD, Jungle Records, 2008
  • Savoir Faire appeared on A Fresh Selection compilation LP Fresh Records 1980
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