Galaxie 500 was an American Indie rock band that formed in 1987 and split up in 1991 after releasing three albums.

Discography Edit

Studio albums Edit

Compilations Edit

Post-split releases Edit

Singles Edit

  • "Tugboat"/"King of Spain" (1988) Aurora
  • "Oblivious" included on a hard-vinyl compilation 7" free with Chemical Imbalance magazine
  • "Blue Thunder"/"Hail" (split album w/ Straitjacket Fits) (1989)
  • "Blue Thunder EP" (1990) Rough Trade
  • "Rain"/"Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste" (1990) Caff
  • "Fourth of July"/"Here She Comes Now" (1990) Rough Trade
  • "Snowstorm" (live)/"Pictures" (live) (2004)

Promotional videos Edit

  • "Tugboat" (1988)
  • "Blue Thunder" (1989)
  • "When Will You Come Home" (1989)
  • "Fourth of July" (1990)

DVDs Edit

  • Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste (2004)
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