Gnarkill is a band that comprises CKY band member Jess Margera on drums, as well as CKY Crew member Brandon DiCamillo as the lead singer, Bam Margera on keyboards, Rich Vose on the guitar, and Matt Cole on the mixer. Gnar Kill's music was featured in Bam Margera's film Haggard and video CKY4, and the band was portrayed by CKY in the former.

They originally released a 12" vinyl with a yellow skull cover. 1000 copies of the vinyl were made, but when the roof of Transition Store collapsed all of these were destroyed. Since the loss of the vinyls, lucky owners have sold them on for high profits.

A CD re-release titled 'GNARKILL' was put out soon after the loss of the original vinyl and featured 9 tracks.

A second album was released May 16th, 2006 titled GNARKILL vs. Unkle Matt & the Shitbirdz.

Album number three is titled Ten Gallons of Fuck You Juice. It was reported on September 20th that "Ten Gallons" will be out around new years.

"The Best of GNARKILL" was mentioned on RadioBam episode 86.The possible release date is Christmas.

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