God (often stylized as GOD) was a rock 'n' roll band from MelbourneAustralia, together from 1986 to 1989 and comprising Joel SilbersherTim Hemensley, Sean Greenway and Matthew Whittle. All members were 15-16 at the time of the band's formation. Prior to God's formation, Hemensley had been a member of Royal Flush (with Roman Tucker, later of Rocket Science), Greenway and Whittle were members of Foot and Mouth, and Silbersher had his own radio show on 3RRR.[1]

Their debut 7" single My Pal from 1987 is their best known track.[2] It got very favourable reviews and sold in the thousands (which was a lot then for an independent band).[citation needed] It became an independent classic and cover versions have been recorded by several bands, including Magic DirtPeabody, The Hollowmen, Bored!, A Death In The Family and Bum (from Canada).

God's first mini-album Rock Is Hell (1988), was released on Au-Go-Go Records with 4 different cover designs, one designed by each band member, due to the members' inability to agree on one cover design. Rock Is Hell was variously praised and panned by critics,[who?] but still sold respectably.[citation needed]

Their follow-up full-length album For Lovers Only (1989), also on Au-Go-Go, was a bigger budget production, and musically a big improvement.[citation needed] Although God had disbanded by the time it was released, the album was released on vinyl by three European labels.[who?][citation needed] Au-Go-Go later released a CD of For Lovers Only, with My Pal and most of Rock Is Hell as bonus tracks.[citation needed]

The band's last gig was at the Central Club on 30 July 1989. Hemensley joined Bored!, and all the members went on to further musical projects, Hemensley later to the Powder Monkeys. Silbersher was perhaps the most recognised, forming Hoss and Tendrils, releasing solo albums, and working with Tex Perkins.[1]

Greenway died of a heroin overdose on 21 January 2001.[3] Hemensley died of a heroin overdose in 2003.[4][5]

My Pal appeared on the soundtrack to Underbelly (TV series). It was also featured on the Australian TV Movie, Underground - The Julian Assange Story.[1]

God's self-titled double CD reissue was released on Afterburn Records in February 2010.

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