"I Die: You Die" is a Gary Numan single from 1980. Released shortly before his fourth album, Telekon, it continued the anthemic style Numan had begun earlier in the year with "We Are Glass". The composer himself described the two singles as "Much the same thing. Both very chorus-orientated with the guitars as the main rhythmic device and the keyboards tinkling over the top".[1]

Lyrically the song was aimed at what Numan saw as an increasingly vitriolic music press:[2]

They crawl out
Of their holes for me
And I die you die
Hear them laugh
Watch them turn on me
And I die you die
See my scars
They call me such things
Tear me, tear me, tear me

The original vinyl single was issued in a variety of different colours. It reached number 6 in the UK charts in 1980[3] but was not included on the LP Telekon, released the next month; however it did appear on overseas issues of the album, replacing the song "Sleep by Windows". An alternate mix of the A-side was used for the music video and on a limited edition, white-labelled, single release, later included as a bonus track on the 1998 CD re-issue of Telekon. The UK single B-side was a solopiano version of one of Numan's most popular songs, "Down in the Park". In the USAustralia and other countries where "I Die: You Die" supplanted "Sleep by Windows" on Telekon, the latter track was used as the B-side of the single.

Like "We Are Glass", "I Die: You Die" had been premiered live during the final legs of The Touring Principle concerts before being committed to record. It has since featured regularly in Numan's performances and on his live albums. Stephin Merritt from The Magnetic Fields covered the song on the Random tribute in 1997. It was remixed for the 1998 collection The Mix and appears on numerous compilation albums.

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