"I Don't Wanna Get Drafted" was a 1980 single by American musician Frank Zappa. It was rerecorded for the 1981 album You Are What You Is under the title"Drafted Again". The record company Zappa was with at the time, Mercury, refused to release it as a single. Zappa instead created his own record company, Barking Pumpkin, and released it from there.[1] It peaked at 103 on American charts, but more successfully reached 3 on Swedish Charts. The single version was later included on Zappa's posthumously released The Lost Episodes.

Meaning[edit source | editbeta]Edit

The song was a humorous protest of the reinstatement of the draft by the Carter administration. Lyrics such as "Roller skates in disco is a lot of fun. I'm too young'n stupid to operate a gun" [2] refers to the opinion that the draft brings many young people who are not ready and possibly not smart enough for the military. Statements about women being drafted were brought up as well throughout the song.[3]

Differences between versions[edit source | editbeta]Edit

The single versions contains lead vocals from Frank Zappa and a chorus, while on the album some verses are sung by Ahmet Zappa and Moon Zappa. Frank's vocals aren't as dominant on the album version.[4] The single version is also much less produced which led to album version has been mocked for being too overdubbed by critics. Also the album version has added lyrics such as the lines "Ya little sumbitch", "Goddamn little communist.", and "LaCelia Jackson! Come on down! Nancy Butterworth! Come on down! You're the next contestants on SOOOOO WHAT! And, but, also. A new car! But that's not all..." the latter of the three being quite irrelevant to the rest of the song. The album version closes with a sample of a vocal compilation from "Flower Punk" from We're Only In It For The Money, including the notable lyric "Leave my nose alone please." [5][2][6]

Track list[edit source | editbeta]Edit

A."I Don't Wanna Get Drafted" - 3:10
B."Ancient Armaments" - 4:10 [7]

Line up[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Single Version[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Frank Zappa- vocals, guitar Dale Bozzio — vocals Terry Bozzio — vocals Ike Willis - vocals, guitar Ray White - vocals guitar Arthur Barrow - bass Tommy Mars - keyboards, vocals Vinnie Colaiuta - drums [8]

Album Version[edit source | editbeta]Edit

Frank Zappa – vocals, guitar
Ike Willis – rhythm guitar, vocals
Ray White – rhythm guitar, vocals Steve Vai – guitars Ahmet Zappa – vocals Moon Zappa – vocals
Arthur Barrow – bass guitar
Bob Harris – trumpet
Tommy Mars – keyboards
David Logeman – drums

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