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My Own Prison is Creed's debut album. It was realesed on June 18, 1997. The picture on the album cover has a man, without a shirt, kneeling down with his hands on his head. The man in the picture is Justin Brown, a friend of the band. The picture was taken by Daniel Tremonti, the lead guitarist of the now disbanded Creed. The album has been certified 6x platinum and is one of the top 200 selling albums of all time in the United States. Over the course of Creed's career, the album has gone on to sell 6 million copies. The album has sold very well considering it was not originally released with any major media coverage, as Creed was an unknown band at the time. However, radio station DJs said that when they played "My Own Prison", they instantly got swamped with calls from people wanting to know whose song it was.

Track Listing[]

  1. "Torn"
  2. "Ode"
  3. "My Own Prison"
  4. "Pity for a Dime"
  5. "In America"
  6. "Illusion"
  7. "Unforgiven"
  8. "Sister"
  9. "What's This Life For"
  10. "One"