"Orgasm Addict'" is a single by punk rock band Buzzcocks and its B-side is "Whatever Happened To...?" The song later appeared on the album Singles Going Steady and also on CD reissues of Another Music in a Different Kitchen.

The 7" French vinyl release contains different takes of the same two tracks.

This was the only single featuring bassist Garth Smith,[2] who joined in early 1977 to replace Steve Diggle, who switched to guitar. Shortly after its release, he was expelled due to his alcoholism.[3]


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Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "Orgasm Addict" (Howard Devoto/Pete Shelley) [1:58]
  2. "Whatever Happened To...?" (Pete Shelley/Dial) [2:07]

(Dial is the alias of Buzzcocks' ex-manager Richard Boon)


The sleeve collage of the iron-headed woman was created by Linder Sterling who explained; "Well, the iron came from an Argos catalogue and the female torso came from a photographic magazine called Photo. I never cleared the copyright but no one noticed, so it was alright." The image was originally in colour, but Buzzcocks' sleeve designer Malcolm Garrett thought it would be best to change it to a blue monotone.

Sterling later added; "It was made in a Salford bedroom, I had a sheet of glass, a scalpel and piles of women's mags."

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