The Original Crystal Haze

The Legendary Progressive Rock Band from Decatur IL , from 1975 to the present day....still writing and recording and performing. Started in the late summer of 1975, in Decatur Illinois, USA, as CRYSTAL HAZE BAND, this was originally a hard rock group playing cover versions of bands like Rush, early Kiss, and Led Zeppelin. But with the departure of founding member Dirk Tucker in January of 1976, and his replacement by guitarist/vocalist Dave Ellis at that time, things soon changed. The stand-up singer also left, and higher louder vocals were done by Lead Guitarist Greg Bickers, and softer vocals by Lead Guitarist Dave Ellis. The Original songs began to pour out from Ellis, and were quickly incorporated into the band's repertoire, and ranged from mostly heavy tunes with lots of fast lead solos (unique for that early of a time), down to acoustic psychedelic folksy sounds.. Financed by Dave Ellis (with his college funds), a first album was professionally recorded from April 77 to July 1977 at Macon Tracks Studios in Decatur IL, and issued in August 1977 on the Sirus Records label simply as Crystal Haze. It has proved to be one of the most sought-after indie rock albums in history, with individual copies still selling for around $900.00 a copy on the original label. Subsequent bootlegs have appeared on the illicit British label Acid Nightmare Records on vinyl, CDs, and digital downloads. The original remains an audiophile collectable. For many years the band struggled on, recording a second album DEAD OF NIGHT, in 1979, and a third album, TORNADO HOUSE in 1996 (so-called because the house it was recorded in was completely destroyed by an F2 tornado in May of 1996). With the new album ROCKAHOLICS FROM DECATUR, The Original CRYSTAL HAZE BAND has returned to their core elements, with a hard core heavy rock album, even more defiant than their first album in 77. This will probably be considered their definitive work of the 21st century so far. Begun in 1975, " Original CRYSTAL HAZE Band "has endured now for over 40 years, and is celebrating the 40 year anniversary of the release of their first self-titled album (released in 1977). This dynamic progressive rock group performs all Original music in a merger of Zeppelinish heaviness mixed with the progressiveness of Rush; coupled with the melodic sensibilities of Queen and Todd Rundgren. They have been an audiophile favorite for many years. This year the band will mark the anniversary with the release of NEW ORIGINAL Music, and historic photos from the band's earlier days, and anniversary shows. Their first album has fetched enormous prices for unopened copies on the original label, on 33 1/3 rpm, up to almost $900 US for single copies. Unfortunately, a pirate company, Acid Nightmare Records, has also released a shoddily recorded knock-off (not using the original masters of course) in England. But the band continues to enjoy enduring popularity among audiohiles in the USA, Europe, and Japan. The band is hoping to have their two other (previously unreleased albums out in the near future, and an upcoming re-release of the original crystalhazealbum. Theis website is found at and contains extensive info on band history, current happenings, and alot of their music that you can listen to right there, along with contact info for concert booking. They write and record an electic mix of music, from prog rock to smoozy ballads, to doom sounding stuff seven, these days.(They are still led to this day by Dave Ellis, and are not to be confused with a later band using a version of the same name from out west...or with an even newer band from Pennsylvania using the name, or various Mexican and European groups using some form of the Name. (Believe it or not...truth is stranger than fiction). Since becoming aware of cover bands using their name, the Band has been careful to add The ORIGINAL to their name to distinguish from cover bands.) THE ORIGINAL CRYSTAL HAZE now has out a total of fifteen ALBUMS, with a number of the songs able to heard on REVERBNATION and on YOUTUBE. see site of the newest albums at and

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