"Prove It" is the second single from American rock band Television's debut album, Marquee Moon, released in 1977. It was released as a single with "Venus" on the B-side and became the most successful of their three hit singles in the UK.[citation needed] Despite entering at a (then) relatively high position of number 28, it only got up to number 25 and dropped out of the Top 40 after another week at number 29.[citation needed]

Like its preceding single, "Prove It" was a staple of Television's early live shows, often as a set closer.[citation needed] The lyrics, reflecting upon a detective story, echo the movie The Long Goodbye which came out a few years before Marquee Moon.[citation needed]

Although the song has never been covered on record, the riff of "Prove It" was used by X as the basis for their song "Adult Books" on their 1981 album Wild Gift.

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