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The Wiki obviously has been vandalized and has many errors and plagiarized content so we need all the help we can get. Many pages for bands or musicians that are considered to be "hated" by the rock and metal community such as the Nickelback. Scott Stapp or Bring Me The Horizon pages will be protected against new or unregistered users so vandalism doesn't occur.

Labeling a genre on a page[]

Anything starting with the word 'alternative' is not a real genre. There has been no such thing and what makes that band alternative? Please use correct terminology such as Grunge, Metalcore, Deathcore or Black Metal.

Frequently Asked Questions[]

Can we add metal bands to the wiki?[]

Yes. The Metal Wiki isn't active anymore and specific genres such as Metalcore aren't allowed, we allow every genre here that has to do with rock or metal and doesn't consider itself something different.