Scott Stapp

Scott Alan Stapp (born August 8, 1973, in Cherokee, North Carolina) is an American singer and songwriter.


Stapp went to Lake Highland Preparatory School is Orlando then Stapp attended Valencia College in Orlando, where he received his associate's degree in music. He then attended Lee College in Cleveland, Tennessee, and Florida State University, where Scott's former band, Creed, was formed in the year 1995.


Stapp and Mark Tremonti (Scott's college friend) formed Creed in 1995 with Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips. Creed's first album was My Own Prison. The second one was Human Clay. Human Clay is the last album to feature Brian Marshall. The third and final album by Creed was called Weathered. Weathered is the first and only Creed album to feature Brett Hestla. In June of 2004, Creed announced their break up. Scott went on to make a solo album while Tremonti, Hestla, and Phillips formed a band called Alter Bridge with Myles Kennedy.

In 2003, four party goers sued Stapp claiming Stapp "was so intoxicated and/or medicated that he was unable to sing the lyrics of a single Creed song" during a December 2002 concert. The lawsuit was later dismissed.

The Great Divide

The Great Divide is Scott Stapp's first solo album. It was released in the United States of America on November 22, 2005. There is a common conception that the lyrics in some of the songs in The Great Divide have something to do with the break up of Creed. The Great Divide has two singles including "The Great Divide" and "Justify".

Starting on September 23, 2008, Scott and his new band went overseas to play for the troops on a 28 day tour.

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