Stolen Sanity are a four piece funk/rock band based in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia.

Created in December 2005, the band promptly acquired their unique new sound, and were a monumental hit. The four members include Joel Torbay (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals), Will Grzazek (Bass guitar, Vocals), Jory Dunshea (Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals) and Jamie Knight (Percussion).

Their first original song, Happy Place was first performed live at the Armidale High School Battle of the Bands ('06), where they won first place and new-found confidence. Happy Place was a hit from the beginning, earning the band respect and esteem throughout the area. Entering the Thunderbolt Show Battle of the Bands, in Uralla, NSW, Stolen Sanity had a large repertoire of impressive songs which won them another title of best band, promoting them to higher profile events and shows.

After winning the Armidale High School Battle of the Bands for the second time in 2007, Stolen Sanity was chosen to perform at the Youthrock finals in Sydney, where their music was well received by the Youthrock Judges and audience.

Happy Place, Tried Too Hard and Just Chill have been widely acclaimed as masterpieces, along with a large repertoire of original songs yet-to-be publicly released. Stolen Sanity's influences come from such rock bands as Guns N' Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, and Jimi Hendrix.

Currently, the band is focusing on writing new material and are planning to record an EP in 2007.


  • Joel Torbay
    • Fender Stratocaster - USA made
    • Gibson Les Paul Standard Faded 60s Neck
    • AD120VT 2x12 (2x60watts) Guitar Amplifier
  • Will Grzazek
    • 4-string SX Cobra Bass Guitar
    • Peavey 800 watt head, 300 Watt Eminar 15 cab and a 2x10" Hartke cabinet.
  • Jory Dunshea
    • Gibson SG
    • Custom-made Stratocaster
    • Vox AD50VT Guitar Amplifier
  • Jamie Knight
    • Pearl Custom 5-piece