"Tempted" was the second single released from Squeeze's fourth album, East Side Story. Over the years it has become one of Squeeze's best-known songs, despite failing to crack the Top 40 in any country in which it was released (UK No. 41, Canada No. 45, US No. 49, Australia No. 90); Stewart Mason of AllMusic remarked, "Although its increasing ubiquity on '80s hits radio and on television (it was used in a successful clothing commercial in 2003) would suggest otherwise, Squeeze's "Tempted" was not actually a hit single."[1] The song also became ingrained in public consciousness due to its use in commercials by Burger King and Heineken,[2] and the video gamesGrand Theft Auto: Vice City and Rock Band. To this day, "Tempted" still gets moderate airplay from adult alternative-formatted radio stations.

Unlike other Squeeze songs, which are usually sung by guitarist/songwriter Glenn Tilbrook or less often guitarist/lyricist Chris Difford, the song's lead vocal is sung by keyboardist Paul Carrack, though Tilbrook and producer Elvis Costello also trade a few lines in the second verse (in the video and during live performances Difford sings the Costello parts; since Carrack's departure, Tilbrook has sung the lead vocal as well as his own original lines when live). The song was written by Squeeze members Difford and Tilbrook.


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Tilbrook considers this one of his favourite songs: "It was our first song. It was when we grew up, really, as a band. When we finished it I couldn't quite believe it was us."[2]

Tempted has been covered numerous times, including versions by StingRichard ThompsonJoe CockerThe Georgetown Chimes, and RockapellaJools Holland also covered this song on his album Lift The Lid, which was a nod to Jools' history with the band.

In 1993, Squeeze remixed and overdubbed the original recording to create a 'new' version of the song for the soundtrack to the film Reality Bites. This version received some radio airplay and was dubbed "Tempted '94."

In 2010, the song appeared in re-recorded form on Spot the Difference, a retrospective of Squeeze hits performed by the 2010 edition of the band. Though Carrack was no longer a member of Squeeze at this point, he sat in as a guest and sang lead vocals on this re-recorded track.

Track listing[edit]Edit


  1. "Tempted" (4:04)
  2. "Yap Yap Yap" (4:13)

7" (US release)[edit]Edit

  1. "Tempted" (3:53)
  2. "Trust" (1:45)
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