"The Passion of Lovers" is the sixth single released by British gothic rock band Bauhaus. It was released in 7" format on the Beggars Banquet label in 1981. The initial copies came with the lyrics on a printed insert. It peaked at #56 in the UK Singles Chart.

The B-side of the disc features a montage made up of recordings each member of the band made individually, the fourth part featuring the backwards masking techniques that Daniel Ash was to make greatly important in future recordings, particularly in the band Tones on Tail.

The actual words Ash says are: "Naturally enough ... the others have been doing their utmost to match this performance ... this is something people get when they continually drink whisky... I can't drink... I hardly eat these days.... okay that's fine."

Track listing[edit]Edit

  1. "The Passion of Lovers"
  2. "1. David Jay 2. Peter Murphy 3. Kevin Haskins 4. Daniel Ash"
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