The Rock Music Wiki is a wiki about... rock music. The wiki was founded sometime before October in 2006 (as of now it is unknown exactly when). On this wiki you can add/read about bands, band members, gigs and etc. This wiki sports all kinds of rock from classic rock to punk rock.


There are three admins here now, and they are Croon, BlackRose101 and Sw9889 . Admins have special powers that most other users don't have. If anyone has any questions or comments an admin should be contacted.

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The best articles are shown here. If you have an article that you believe should be included in a Top Content page please contact an admin about it.


A huge part of wikis such as this one is community. We ask that you be civil and friendly. This wiki is about getting along just as much as having fun and getting the information that you want as well.

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