The Fire Within Edit

Throw the Fight started out as a five-piece group in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band recorded several demos and a eponymous three song EP with lead vocalist Brandon Kyllo. Years later, Paul Kreuger replaced Brandon as the band's vocalist and, collaboratively, the group began writing and recording their next EP, The Fire Within. While still recording their EP, which consisted of four tracks, Throw the Fight was voted as one of the Top Ten Unsigned Bands by the Alternative Press in 2006.[1]. With the widespread attention provided by the article and after garnering a larger fanbase, the band collectively decided to begin touring in support of the newly recorded EP. After a year and a half of touring, a lineup change occurred as James Clark replaced Paul who provided vocals for the band. Though previously a fundamentally sound musical group, Throw the Fight believed James fit in perfectly with the band's overall style and his sound better reflected the desired tone of the band. The new front man provided a new sound for the band, one that attracted Minnesota producer Matt Kirkwold.

In Pursuit of Tomorrow Edit

With moderate mainstream acclaim from the EP, Throw the Fight continued to write and record songs for their first album. Receiving mostly positive reviews, In Pursuit of Tomorrow carried musical range from intense, screaming guitar melodies to classic metal to melancholy tones.[2] Throw the Fight, mainly concerned with their impression on their following, felt they had to stay true to their fan base with their first true album.[3] Attributing their success mainly to a particular "X Factor" unseen in other acts, they have also admitted that unity and teamwork within the band have aided in their accomplishments.[2]


  • James Clark - Vocals
  • Ryan Baustert - Guitars
  • Joey Ulrich - Guitars
  • Aaron Huppert - Bass
  • Cory Huppert - Drums


In pursuit of tomorrow

References Edit

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