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Valley of the Damned is an album performed by DragonForce. Recorded in the end of 2000, released in 2003.


  1. Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil
  2. Valley of the Damned

    Valley of the Damned - Cover

  3. Black Fire
  4. Black Winter Night
  5. Starfire
  6. Disciples of Babylon
  7. Revelations
  8. Evening Star
  9. Heart of a Dragon
  10. Where Dragons Rule (Bonus Track)

DragonHeart - Valley of the Damned[]

In 2000, while their name was still DragonHeart, a demo version of the album was recorded and sent to Noise Records, subsequently gaining DragonHeart a deal with the label.Furthermore, after discovering the existence of another band with the name DragonHeart, it was decided that they would change their name to DragonForce. It contained the following tracks:

  1. Valley of the Damned
  2. Revelations
  3. Starfire
  4. Black Winter Night
  5. Disciples of Babylon

However, these versions of the tracks differ from the versions on the 2003 debut album. The other songs on the 2003 album also have demo versions, but they're extremely rare. But demos for the songs "Evening Star" and "Heart of a Dragon" were released in 2010 as Japanese bonus tracks for the reissue of Valley of the Damned