"You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?)" is a 1979 punk rock song originally written and recorded by Northern Irish band The Undertones. Written in the summer of 1979 by the band's main songwriter, John O'Neill, the single was released on 9 October that year and reached number 32 in the UK charts.[1] The song was performed on Top of the Pops on 15 November 1979.[2]

"You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?)" was one of only two singles released by The Undertones not to be included on any of their albums at the time of their original release (the other single being Beautiful Friend). However, the song was included as a bonus track on the 1994 CD version of the band's second album,Hypnotised, and the 2000 Castle Music re-release of their eponymous debut LP. In addition, it has been included on several 'Best Of' Undertones compilation albums.

Track listing[edit]Edit

Side one
No. Title Written by Length
1. "You've Got My Nymber (Why Don't You Use It?)"   John O'Neill 2:40
Side two
No. Title Written by Length
1. "Let's Talk About Girls"   Manny Freiser 2:07
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